Prior to using EcoPower® engine wash, we used the conventional shepherd’s hook method to wash our engines. We switched to (EcoServices’) EcoPower® Engine Wash service because we recognized the operational, environmental and cost benefits it offers. With EcoPower® Engine Wash, we anticipate a considerable reduction in our fuel burn while contributing to a cleaner environment.

Simon Mermod

Powerplant Group, Wizz Air

We have seen a noticeable improvement in fuel burn and CO2 emissions throughout our Boeing 747 fleet since beginning to use (EcoServices’) EcoPower® engine wash service four years ago. We are pleased to extend our agreement …to continue to realize these benefits.

Phil Maher

Engineering Director, Virgin Atlantic

We are eager to utilize (EcoServices’) EcoPower® engine wash service as this contributes to significant decreases in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions throughout our fleet.

Tengku Dato Sri' Azmil Zahruddin

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Malaysian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines has benefited from significant cost savings as a result of the EcoPower® engine wash service. …EcoPower® system allows our airline to operate more effectively and efficiently, saving us time and money.

Dennis Manibusan

Vice President, Maintenance & Engineering, Hawaiian Airlines

We selected EcoPower® engine wash because of the unmatched environmental and
financial benefits it offers. This agreement also allows us to increase the operational efficiency
of our growing fleet.

Aditya Ghosh

President, IndiGo Airlines

The EcoPower® engine wash helps reduce fuel burn and decreases engine gas temperature, which in turn increases the amount of time an engine can stay on wing. The closedloop system means the EcoPower® engine wash also collects and recycles water, making it an environmentally sound process. This is a winwin. We can help improve our bottom line and help the environment.

Vanessa Stoddart

Group General Manager of Technical Operations, Air New Zealand

Southwest is the most efficient airline in the world, and we continue to look for ways to maximize that efficiency. We are extremely pleased with the results we’ve seen since beginning regular washes with …(EcoServices’) EcoPower® Engine Wash System. The fuel savings and emission reductions have exceeded expectations.

Jim Sokol

Vice President of Maintenance and Engineering, Southwest Airlines