Company Profile


EcoServices, a joint venture between Pratt & Whitney and ST Engineering North America, was founded over a decade ago to serve the commercial, military, and business aviation community. We provide our clients with the highest level of service and technology available. EcoPower engine wash technology development began nearly 20 years ago with the goal to make a better, faster, easier, and environmentally responsible engine wash.


Our expertise in the aviation industry is unmatched. We have worked with virtually every aircraft, and engine flying the skies.

For nearly 20 years, the commercial, military, and business aviation community have relied on EcoServices to maintain the integrity of their engines.


Not only is our patented EcoPower® wash system environmentally-friendly and efficient, it’s approved for on-airport use at airports around the world. It has also garnered several prestigious awards for innovation.

Environmental Focus

Reducing Carbon Emissions

“EcoServices provides a closed-loop engine wash system called EcoPower that it estimates has saved customers more than 10 million tons of carbon emissions and more than a billion gallons of jet fuel. EcoPower cleans engines in 1-1.5 hr. with highly purified water while collecting engine wash waste, so aircraft do not need to be moved to a wash bay. The company says EcoPower improves the operational flow of aircraft washing while meeting airport environmental regulations, providing fuel-burn savings and reducing carbon emissions and maintenance costs. Washes can be performed at EcoServices’ global service centers or through an equipment lease program, and the service recently expanded to Madrid in February through EcoJet Aviation.”

– Aviation Week –AvWeek’s “MROs Go Green”

Awards and Global Recognition

EcoPower won Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Award for MRO Product Innovation of the Year
EcoPower was the inaugural winner of Air Transport World’s 2012 Eco-Aviation Technology Award
EcoPower honored as initial case study project for Air Transport Action Group’s Aviation Climate Solution Summit in 2015 focusing on carbon emissions reduction.
EcoServices achieved ISO 50001 status in 2016, re-affirming our commitment to continuously improving energy management

EcoServices provides:

  • Vast experience across a Commercial, Military & Global Network
  • Nearly 20 years of innovation and leadership
  • Over 150,000 washes for 250+ customers